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Scaring Alopecia

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Scarring Alopecia gets a medicine – Herbal Extracts from Ayurveda

Scarring Alopecia or cicatricial alopecia is a collection of hair loss disorder diagnosed in upto 3% of the population. The handful population with hair loss ailment engrosses human demographics of every age group who are suffering from collateral disorders like chronic depression, anxiety and OCD. Since the disorder engages wide form of alopecia conditions, it becomes difficult to categorize the ailment and precede the treatment further.

Medical practitioners initiate the treatment for scarring alopecia after several cross examinations and matching the existing symptoms with the symptoms of different types of alopecia. As the treatment carries on, the condition of hair scalp is continuously monitored to witness the reaction of follicles against the ongoing treatment. If the hair follicles proliferate and shows the healthy sign of life, the ongoing treatment is carried out. Otherwise, the line of treatment is changed and scalp condition is continuously monitored.

Scarring Alopecia is many times identified as the autoimmune disorder and it is left untreated as there is no perfect cure of the autoimmune disorders. To treat it altogether as the alopecia condition, medical practitioners prescribe immunosuppressant and deal with the situation. Consuming immunosuppressant can also impose danger and may allow several other infections to take toll on your body.

Medications to Treat Scarring Alopecia

Minoxidil, Anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP are the few immunosuppressant prescribed to fix scarring alopecia disorder. Apart from immunosuppressant, the practitioners recommend antioxidants, ointments, potions and extracts. Each of the prescribed medicine plays its role independently and keeps an effort to work effectively.

Immunosuppressant suppresses the immune system to save the hair follicles; however, this treatment is neither too successful nor it is recommended as it does suppress the innate immunity and allows other pathogens to affect the body causing more deadly condition.

Antioxidants trap the free radicals flowing in our body and discourage them to hit the active site and create mischief. Antioxidants elevate the oxygen levels in the body and maintain the cell’s metabolism. Once the cell gains the required oxygen level, the cancerous activity ceases to exist and cell growth takes place at its natural pace.

Similarly, potions and ointments are the micelle-based composition carrying medicated molecules to fix the scalp related issues. Potions & ointments do not fix all the degradations done by biological ecosystem. To get it completely done, herbal treatment is highly recommended as plant extract-based treatments are highly effective and do not require extensive monitoring unlike drug-based medication.

Medicines have changed the course of human life expectation, but there are several ailments which still have no treatment. Ayurveda is the option that is seen as the best.

Ayurveda – Taking toll on Scarring Alopecia

Ayurveda is the branch of medicine associated with application of plants extracts to heel, treat and cure body ailments without causing any side effects. Alopecia is well treated in Ayurveda and its results have been globally acclaimed making it a topic of research in medicine and doctorate.

Ayurveda strikes the perfect balance between the natural forces that manage our body metabolism. Ayurveda treats every disease keeping imbalance of natural forces into consideration. The objective of the plant based treatment is to keep the perfect balance between various natural forces making the patient healthy. To treat Alopecia, Ayurveda follows the detection of pitta level in the body. Once the high pitta level is diagnosed, the treatment goes accordingly.

The Ayurveda treatment includes consumption of balanced diet, application of plant extracts to the scalp making it healthy and ready for the new hair follicles, and application of plant-based oil to enhance the growth of healthy hairs.

Alopecia Hair Centre & Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic treatment at Alopecia Hair centre is highly recommended for those who wish to have their hairs back. We make sure that each patient is keenly monitored and their improvement is actively recorded in our devices to compare.


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