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Alopecia Totalis

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Alopecia Totalis is a condition in which complete hair loss takes place over the scalp. In rare conditions complete body hair loss co-exists. Alopecia Totalis is not seen as a genetically linked disorder but regarded as a condition that may affect the psychology of the person.

The primary symptoms of Alopecia Totalis may initially appear as of Alopecia Areata but as the hair fall becomes rapid, the nails also begin getting brittle and sometimes split. Till date, no exact reason for its occurrence is known by the researchers and medical practitioners. Alike other alopecia conditions, Totalis is also classified under auto-immune disorder leading to inflammation in hair follicles.

Alopecia Totalis is not very common but it has been observed as the dominant scalp disorder in the age group of 40+. At this age, the immunity factor gets compromised at a deep level leading to the occurrence of various disorders including Alopecia Totalis.

Alopecia Totalis is a scalp related disorder that can be diagnosed at early stages if visited the trichologists. The medical practitioners perform several blood tests and microscopic examination of the scalp to prescribe the right medication.

Alopecia Totalis – Medical Treatments so far

Alopecia Totalis treatment entails powerful immune suppressants, antioxidants, supplements and application of ointments and medicated lotions in the scalp. The immune-suppressants combat against the auto-immune antibodies targeted against healthy hair follicles to retard hair growth. The suppressants bind themselves at the antibody –binding site and block the receptors to activate their effects. Thus, hair growth remains unharmed.

Hair growth also gets affected by consuming antioxidants that play major role in keeping the body healthy. Antioxidants cleanse free radicals circulating in our body that are harmful and at certain stages initiate the unstoppable cell growth. Antioxidants absorb the free radicals and supplant nutrition in our body making it efficient to perform its activities.

Supplements are prescribed by the practitioners to provide required minerals, vitamins and elements in our body. Supplements in hair loss include selenium-rich medicines, multi-vitamins capsules, zinc, iron and molybdenum rich nutraceuticles. Read more hair loss protection tips

Medicated Lotions are also highly recommended by trichologists to keep scalp healthy and greasy. Keeping scalp greasy increases the chances of sprouting of new hairs from the dormant hair follicles. Ointments are also prescribed in cases where the scalp is affected by fungus or cocci-based infections.

Ayurveda – Everlasting cure for Alopecia Totalis

Numerous treatments have been recommended to cure Alopecia Totalis. However, not all treatments are bestowing the fruitful results. To overcome the unproductive results, Ayurveda was one thought that as left untouched. Being a plant-based medical branch, Ayurveda focuses on the cause of ailment existing due to the imbalance of the natural forces existing in our body. It eliminates the root cause of the ailment and treats the ailment permanently.

Alopecia is a scalp related hair fall condition, while the Totalis classification in Alopecia means complete loss of hairs from the scalp. Ayurveda knows this condition as an increase in pitta due to which the hair follicles start detaching the hair strands causing them to fall from the scalp. The pitta dosha increases due to dietary intake of fatty acids, high carbohydrates and unhealthy lifestyles leading to hair thinning and scalp degeneration.

Ayurveda treats Alopecia Totalis in many ways. Some of the most aspiring ways to treat Alopecia Totalis are:

  • Diet Regulation:

    The diet regulation in Ayurveda means high intake of protein with bare minimum but the balanced amount of fatty acid and carbohydrates. The protein source could be plant source or animal source depending on the severity of the alopecia followed by weight, gait and other demographics of the patient.
  • Pitta Dosha Treatment:Due to elevated pitta levels in the body, Ayurveda focuses on cleaning pitta from the body through natural treatment. Pitta level once lowered, the new treatment is followed leading to hair scalp nourishment and growth of new hair follicles.
  • Pitta Dosha Treatment:Pranayama is the most effective exercise to revitalize the inactive nerves. Nerves are the bodily logistics engaged in supplying oxygenated blood to our cells. While performing Pranayama, the hair follicles get fresh oxygen and chances of their revival enhances.

Alopecia Totalis is effectively treated with Ayurvedic treatment under different prescriptions. We treat Alopecia Totalis patients with utmost care especially emotional behaviour, physical and mental stress to cope with. We have an altogether different approach to treat our patients. We initially try to boost self-confidence in them and carry out Ayurvedic treatment parallel to it.

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