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Alopecia Areata Barbae

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The human body is composed of cells and each cell in the body keeps rejuvenating itself after some time to maintain the structure and shape of the organelles, tissues, and organs. Alike other tissues, hair root follicles also rejuvenate itself till the scalp is healthy. Hairs are the most essential part of our body providing a natural defence against heat, light, and strokes and damage to the scalp may lead to severe hair loss that may sometimes turn irreversible.

Sometimes hair loss does not occur randomly, but it happens in patches making individual panic in such scenarios. The patch is of the quarter in size but may severely affect the social prestige of the patient. Most of the people who suffer from patchy hair loss finds an ultimate solution – Just Shave the Head. But, shaving won’t let it stop.

Identifying Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a type of hair-related autoimmune disorder where our body’s defence cells start attacking our body leading to patchy hair loss. In medical terms, antibodies act as an antigen in our body. The alopecia is not seen as the disease that is genetically –linked, but its effects are sometimes witnessed in the entire body – Alopecia Universalis. The disease does not show any pre-occurrence alopecia areata symptoms like itching, rashes, scalp dryness or hair thinning. It simply affects the hair follicles and hair starts falling in patches making crown absurd.

Any patchy hair disappearance may appear at large leading to patchy hair loss and reflecting the occurrence of Alopecia Areata. Once ‘Areata’ is identified, it is not difficult to get it to treat.

Treating Patchy Crown

The treatment for Alopecia Areata varies depending on the type of treatment the individual is taking. In medical science, doctors suggest different modes of treatment from hair seeding to application of expensive ointments, infusing serums in the scalp and much more. In severe cases, trichologists prescribe auto-immune suppressants such as Minoxidil, Anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP.

Photochemotherapy is one of the suitable options opened for patients who are not interested in systemic & invasive therapy. Apart from Photochemotherapy, patients must keep care from:

  • Exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Excessive consumption of fatty food.
  • Excessive intake of medicines.
  • Debris, dust and scalp allergic substances.

Researchers are conducting clinical trials and clinical studies to treat Alopecia Areata permanently, but so far no success has been fetched. Some researchers are adopting herbal treatment to deal with the disease using herbal extracts. Post clinical trials and studies, it has given progressive results.

Ayurveda -- Herbal Solution for Hair Problems

Ayurveda has very old roots belonging to ancient India when Indian sages carefully studied the nature and found that human body is directly affected by nature and nature has an ultimate cure of every ailment by which human suffers. Hair problems are also found to be treatable with Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, increased hair fall is known as Romakupagata / keshamulagata vitiated pitta (bhrajaka pitta). The reason for sudden hair loss is obstruction of hair follicles from nutrition, which is supplemented from blood flow. Ayurveda considers the demographic features of the patients and starts treatment on its basis. Certain successful herbal solutions for hair problems are:

  • Pitta Pacification:

    Pitta Pacification intends to remove toxins from the digestive system through the application of herbs and enhances appetite to digest the Ayurvedic diet.
  • Applying Ayurvedic Oil:

    Ayurvedic oil is the natural extract of the Jasminum grandifium, which is effective in treating baldness.
  • Panchkarma Treatment:

    Panchkarma therapy involves the natural cleansing of the body through herbal extracts. For hair problems, Panchkarma suggests Shirodhara (head massage with medicated oil) and ksheera basti, which includes medicated enema.
  • Yoga & Meditation:

    Effective to lower the elevated levels of anxiety and regulate blood pressure.
  • Ayurveda Diet:

    Focuses on a balanced diet. However, the diet may sometimes get change depending on the patient’s demographics (height, weight, age, gender etc.).

NCR is the highest populated city in India has an elevated number of Alopecia Areata patients. Areata care in Delhi NCR is nowadays trending and people are showing their interest in Ayurvedic treatment of Alopecia Areata.

Have a glimpse in our clinic and witness the true natural healing with Ayurveda.


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