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Providing complete solution for all types of hair loss with Ayurved, lets discuss what treatment is suitable for you.

We at Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre are aware of hair and scalp related issues existing in today’s environment. It is very necessary to keep abreast perfect solution to get rid of such disorders as ignoring them can lead to irreversible changes that may not only affect your personality but may also affect your psychology. We are witnessing alarming changes in hair quality and scalp condition in the people since the inception of Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre.

Major population is suffering from hair loss and scalp condition that is scientifically known as Alopecia. Alopecia is a condition in which a person suffers from rigorous hair loss and scalp condition that may become sometimes irreversible. Till recently Alopecia is being treated with immunosuppressant, hair growth enhancers until herbal extracts were successfully applied. The herbal extracts are technically the plant extracts which have properties to cure scalp and hair related disorders. Our team have developed different solutions to cure different Alopecia Conditions.

We are committed to our clients and patiently hear their concerns over hair loss and the subsequent effect on their social behaviour. Along with hair and scalp treatment, we also take care of the client’s changing psyche. It initiates by interacting with a client and observing the behaviour that keeps changing as the communication gets intense over hair loss and affected scalp. In the worst scenario, suicidal tendencies, violent behaviour, secludedness and obsession are observed in the patients.

Reaching Us

Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre is centrally located in Noida in sector -26 for last 10 years. We are the team of trichologists, herbal extracts expert, solutions expert and dermatologists. We closely monitor our clients and treat them accordingly. Our first and foremost priority is the hair and scalp treatment of our client followed by a healthy mind so that the client can pursue a new social life.

Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre is one of the renowned hair care centres that is entirely plant-based. To visit our clinic, you can board the metro. The nearest metro station is sector -18 from where you can hire e-rickshaw to reach the sec-26 market place. Once you reach here, we will take care of your concerns.

At Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre we are happy to receive you as our clients. You can either visit us directly at our clinic or can take an appointment over the phone to facilitate early prescription post examination.

Catching you post Treatment

Clients do leave after clinging medicines, but we make sure that they are doing fine. We allocate follow-ups post-treatment to monitor hair density and scalp health. It not only ensures the treatment but also gives us a chance to witness the psychological improvement changes in the patient. We value our patients and encourage them to start a new social life while boosting their confidence.

The follow-up treatment also keeps them in touch with us. In between the treatment, if they like to change the medication due to some ongoing allergy or due to alternate reason, we comply with it and never ask them to continue with it.

All we wish for our clients is happy hair & scalp along with happiest social life with a boost of confidence like every new and colourful morning...

Our Team

Dr. S.Goswami B.H.M.S., M.D

Dr. Piush Upadhyay B.A.M.S.

Mr. Alok Kumar Giri ND(Naturopath)

Mr. Manish Rai Business Head & Marketing

Our Mission

  • Spread the awareness on alopecia areata which is curable.
  • Striving for Global Wellness throughout Herbal Health Care Products.
  • Provide most excellent quality with no side effects at competitive cost.
  • Reach universal markets. Translate rich heritage of India keen on modern world class Health Care & Personal Care products.
  • Ensure sustained pleasure to all our patients.

Our Strengths

  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
  • Cost Leadership
  • Strong Research & Development
  • Strong Infrastructure to cater speed in delivery
  • Our Pillars: Heritage of Knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with research, innovation and constant validation
  • Natural, safe and effective

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