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Hair Fall & Dandruff

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Hair fall & Dandruff are the most common ailments from which most of the people are suffering. Hair fall is a catastrophic event for the person who loves to change hairstyles most often, but the scenario turns worst when the skull scalp starts drying and appears on hair as snow-flakes. Sometimes continuous scalp defoliation also appears as one of the powerful causes of hair fall.

To understand the process of dandruff and hair fall, it is essential to understand the physiology of hair. Hairs are composed of keratin, a type of protein, in an irregular fashion. Higher the keratin content, stronger will be hair. So, it becomes necessary to keep the protein content higher in our diet. Sometimes even you keep your diet protein savvy, your hair growth retards and they start falling at a rapid pace. In such a scenario, it is obvious that your scalp is getting dry and scalp flakes are affecting the hair growth. These scalp flakes are also called Dandruff and they have a property to affect the region where they fell on the skin.

At the primary level, dermatologists recommend to keep the scalp clean and oil the scalp to keep it greasy to avoid dryness. Once the scalp is restored within a couple of months, the trichologist will initiate the treatment for hair loss by prescribing medicines & supplements to promote the growth of hair follicles. As the follicles get active, the lost hairs are regained.

What brings-in Hair fall & Dandruff?

Hair fall & Dandruff does not happen overnight. It is a steady process, but it may give you goosebump when you will find that slowly and steadily all the hair follicles are clogged and the chances of hair regeneration are almost nil.

Perhaps, your diet is containing enough protein, but still, you may be suffering from unexplainable hair loss. The possible reasons for such hair loss are:

  1. Genetic Baldness:

    If you are eating right and living a healthy lifestyle and even then you are getting hair loss, then it is entirely the fault of your ‘Genes’ or says genetic make-up. For the patients who wish to get it treated are recommended to undergo therapeutic treatment i.e. gene-therapy is some cases. Ideally, it is advised that certain exercises may help to promote hair growth.
  2. Nutritional Losses:

    Nutrition is the sole source of growth. The under-nourished individual is likely to suffer from nutritional-linked disorders which may retard hair growth, destroy hair follicles, and may also affect the skin. To protect hair and skin, it is always necessary to keep vitamin E and protein in your diet.
  3. Environmental Causes:

    Environment plays a critical role in our health. The health issues that are increasing day-by-day are due to an increase in climate change. Among the health issues, hair loss and dandruff are also included. Their-1 cities are likely to get affected with such ailments as the air and water is contaminated with heavy metals and untreated carbon like soot.
  4. Medical Reasons:

    Chemotherapy and certain drugs may appear allergic to the patients leading premature balding. Though the hair loss due to chemotherapy is irreversible in some cases, by keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise the patient can re-grow the hair.

Ayurveda – An Answer to Every Ailment

Ayurveda is capable to treat the critical cases of illness. Sometimes, severe cases where allopath refuses to treat the patient; Ayurveda calmly handles the case and provide the treatment based on symptoms of the disease.

Ayurveda works on the principle of balance of two forces of the body, namely: vayu and pitta. Certain disorders are manifested in the body due to imbalance of Vayu and pitta. Hair-related issues tend to predominate due to excess of pitta in our body. The pita also gets imbalance when we consume high lipid content food and spicy food leading to hair loss. Acidic food and excessive smoking also contribute to elevated pitta content in our body.

To control the pitta dosha imbalance, Ayurveda suggests including sprouts, curd, milk, fruits and nuts in daily meals. The dietary intake of sprouts and fruits increases the amino acids that are essential for hair growth and strength. Milk and curd are the direct sources of calcium and other vitamins that assist in maintaining the hair texture. For dry scalp, Ayurveda suggests using herbal oils that cater nourishment to the scalp and keep them healthy.

Ayurveda strongly focuses on the discipline of mind & body along with the intake of a balanced meal at a scheduled interval. Binge eating, smoking and alcoholic beverages are highly condemned in Ayurveda.

Let’s Work Together

At Alopecia Treatment Centre, we advocate for the implementation of Ayurveda as we believe in complete cure by eliminating all root causes of hair loss. We are the team of professionals taking care of our visitors by extending dedicated assistance in the form of a dietician, yoga instructor, herbal masseur, registered medical practitioner of Ayurveda, and courier delivery of medicines whenever required.

Hair fall and Dandruff are not the ailments anymore. Our basic sessions will accustom you with your new schedule and eating habits to see improvements in the follicle growth. Apart from the Ayurveda treatment we also realize the need of nutraceuticals to accelerate the hair growth and scalp improvement. Nutraceuticals supply essential nutrients to the scalp to keep it healthy and prepare it for hair growth.

Our customized treatments are available as per the patient’s requirements: personalized treatments & treatment packages.

Personalized Treatment:
This involves targeted areas like treatment for the scalp, hair strengthening treatment, hair spa with herbal juices and dedicated trichologist consultation.

Packages, as the name suggests, involves a set of sessions under which the sittings and treatments are price-based. As per requirement, the visitor can register with us.

Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre takes utmost care of its visitors by not only providing the required treatment but also one-to-one consultation to boost the lost self-esteem due to hair loss.

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