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Tips on Hair & Scalp Protection

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Hairs are the beauty of the body and when it comes to hair fall most of us feel as nightmare. There are few ways with which one can control the hair fall and make the hair & scalp healthy. However, in severe cases it is highly recommended to see trichiologists, but initially one should take care of the scalp and hair.

  1. Gentle wash:

    Hairs are exposed directly to dust and heat causing unexplainable damages that are irreversible in nature. To get rid of such environmental components, it is medically advised to gently wash hairs with running water with mild soap. Post application of soap/shampoo, one must apply conditioner on the wet hairs so that the keratin in hairs can be satisfactorily nourished.
  2. Scalp Protection:

    While moving out of home/office, one must cover the head right from the crown to the neck with head gear to protect it from direct sunlight and pollutants. Over exposed parts of the scalp not only damage the scalp but also dehydrates the scalp making the follicles dried and dead.
  3. Nutritious Diet:

    Diet plays an utmost role in maintaining the growth of hairs and keeping them healthy. Diet rich in fatty acids and spices not only affect the digestion but also increase the chances of hairfall. To maintain the hair density one should keep balance in the diet and must consume protein rich diet. The diets must also include the food components in which the levels of selenium, zinc, iron and copper must be more than other elements.
  4. Scalp Greasing:

    Apart from healthy eating, it is advised to keep the scalp bit greasy to provide superficial nourishment to the hairs. This stops dirt from getting settled on the scalp and blocking the hair follicles restricting the hair growth.
  5. Scalp Nourishment with natural Extracts:

    One can try scalp nourishment with natural extracts to keep check on dandruff and hair roughness. It involves application of diluted lemon juice directly on scalp and affected area followed by rinsing after couple of minutes. It is also found that application of honey to the scalp and hair makes them healthy.
  6. Must Avoid:

    Soaps, Shampoos and extracts with high alkalinity is highly discouraged by trichiologists. The trichiologists opine that the high alkalinity alters the texture of hair and scalp leading hair growth retardation which is irreversible in nature. So, one must use mild solutions to wash the scalp gently and twice a week.

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Our Most Recommended Tips

Home remedies are safe, effective, and also costs you less. Try the below given home remedies and see the beautiful change in your hair growth.
You should take Good balanced diet which includes green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, honey, cereals, nuts, grains, milk products. This keeps your skin and hair healthy. Eat fish, soybeans, and raw vegetable salads .Avoid spicy and cholesterol-rich food in your diet.
Oily hair-There is a blockage in the hair follicles because of excess oil deposition and dirt in the oily hairs. In oily hair there is a huge secretion of sebaceous glands as a result scalp and hairs are very oily.
2 spoon of Lemon juice mix with ½ spoon of olive oil prevents dandruffs---apply lemon juice and keep it for 10-15 minutes on hair and rinse off. This hair care tip is suitable for any hair kind and will keep your hair clean and healthy. Wash your hair using triphala, Shikakai, amla powder, a natural and safe hair care for oily hair.
Use olive oil massage it nourishes hair and helps in its growth. Edible oil and honey in a ratio of 1:1, mix it well and apply on hair, keep it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. This is an effective hair care for dry hair.

Apply mixture of egg yolk and water for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off the hair with clean and cold water. This is also very effective hair care for dry hair. It is one of the best nourishment for hair. Twice a week massage your hair using hair oil like, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil. Regular massage actuates sebaceous glands and makes your hair strong and shiny.

For healthy hair- lime juice and amla powder use as natural cleanser Take one tablespoon amla powder and one tablespoon lemon juice mix them and add little water to it to make a thick paste. Use this natural chemical free hair care mixture as a hair cleanser for 2-3 weeks and see the difference in your hair. Your hair will bounce with shine, and good health. You will have no hair loss, and your hair will reflect your inner beauty.

Take a natural neem leaves and make its thick paste and wash your hair using neem which is natural hair care and fight against any kinds germs and lice in hairs.
Avoid chemical-based bleach, Never used hair curler, hair dryers, Avoid using chemical-based hair gels, and coloring hair using hair colors as they contain ammonia. As these things dries your hair and your hairs look lifeless and hard.

Wash your hair properly at regular intervals. Drink lots of water as water is good for health and hair. Regular trimming of hair will prevent split ends.

Advisable to use herbal shampoo do not use chemical-based shampoo excessively as it takes away the natural shine.

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