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Providing complete solution for all types of hair loss with Ayurved, lets discuss what treatment is suitable for you.

Hair loss is a major problem these days. Any age group can be affected with this . As hair is a major factor of your appearance and is a part of physical attraction, definitely you don't want to lose hair. There are many causes for hair loss and the proper treatment depends upon the root cause of hair loss, which varies from person to person. Inherited characteristics and sex hormones play a significant role in hair loss in both men and women. It is a mistake to simply assume the onset of hair loss is inevitable and cannot be cured.
Yes Alopecia areata is curable but duration of treatment varies from person to person.
This treatments contains Swaras(Fresh plant Sap),Cream and oil base application.
The herbal treatment has proved very effective in over 95% of above cases of Alopecia. The results are obtained reasonably fast & long lasting. The Treatment is based on individual study and evaluation of the case. The course of medicines varies from patients to patients depending on the prakruti (Basic Nature) of the patients. Herbal treatment is 100% safe, Absolutely harmless, very effective and free from toxic effects.
Herbal Treatment are known for SAFEST Remedy. Herbal treatment is 100% safe, absolutely harmless, very effective and free from toxic effects.
Yes, you can take this therapy along with any other allopathic treatments.
Yes, Alopecia totalis/Alopecia universalis/diffuse Alopecia/eye brow loss Will be treated with this herbal therapy. Entire herbal science is based on PRAKRUTI [basic nature] which is individual from person to person. So we cannot compare the result of one patient to another.
Going bald is not the solution as you may be having Alopecia symptoms. Initially, you must personally take care of your scalp and diet as it affects a lot. If it doesn’t work, you should visit trichiologists and tell him the true issues you are facing.
Skin is the largest organ of our body and sometimes it gets affected in the skull, where it is called scalp. The skin of other areas is also affected sometimes but its effects are not communicable.
Hair loss is directly related to Alopecia. It is a medical condition where the person losses the hair. The hair loss happens either locally i.e. scalps, or at entire body which is called Alopecia Universalis. The cause of hair fall could be genetic, environmental, or infection from organisms.
The herbal extracts are derived by crushing, boiling and straining the leaves required to treat Alopecia. The herbal extract could be paste, oil, or powdered depending on the stage of Alopecia being treated. The herbal extracts contain certain antioxidants, necessary nutrients required by scalp to rejuvenate hairs from the follicles.
No. Ayurveda treatment is prescribed till the diseases don’t get cure. Although there are no side-effect of the treatment but it has been observed that the natural life forces existing in our body may respond negatively if the treatment is continued without any medical supervision.
Since hair loss may also occur due to genetic inheritance, we prefer to go through your family tree to study the effect of heredity baldness. In such clinical investigation it is expected that the person should tell truth or the incorrect reply to the investigation may lead to wrong drug application that may cause severe losses.
Hair growth entirely depends on your diet, genetic make-up and natural selection. We treat only Alopecia with which the chances to get lost hairs are high as it is perfectly natural and heals at much better rate than usual methods. We monitor the hair growth and pattern post clinical investigation and treatment by giving follow updates to the patient along with psychological boost.
Alopecia treatment is herbal and effective too, but it won’t burn your pocket as done by other conventional in the name of hair growth. Our package fits to all sorts of hair fall patients. We believe on trust factor developed between our patients and us. We ask them every minute detail related to their hair fall and continuously monitor their hair growth.
Initially, you have to visit our clinic for diagnosis and other required tests after which we will initiate your treatment. Depending upon severity and required follow-ups, we could say anything about home delivery of the medicines.

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