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A post-covid Hair Fall Situation

Hair Fall in Covid
Hair Fall

Hair Fall in Covid - A post-covid situation describing Trauma

Alopecia is all about hair loss. It covers all forms of hair loss be it genetic or environmental. Recently, the world with technological aspirations at its peak has faced an unexpected and grave surprise - COVID 19. No family was an exception.
In between such a situation the most concerning subject was the after effects of COVID in the patients. Among all the affects, physical weakness displayed the real power making a person frail right from hair to the muscle.

Frailing in Corona

During Corona the world has witnessed the catastrophic loss of economy, lives, jobs and all that is required to live a happy life. Those who survived the biological catastrophe were destined to bear the health, financial and emotional sufferings. Somehow in this rush certain vaccines were developed and most of the population got relief, but some characteristics of the virus affected the whole population.
The major concerns that took the attention of all medical staff were the post-corona conditions. From a few places Black Fungus cases were registered, while some witnessed severe other infections leading to death. In between them, citizens from various countries reported excessive hair fall. Initially, it was thought to be ghost news created to magnify the corona after effects, but later on, when investigated, it was utterly true.

How were hairs getting affected in corona?

Medical practitioners furnished the logical reason behind a noticeable hair loss. They stated that covid infected patients may tend to have excessive hair loss due to excessive loss of protein from the body. Practitioners termed such a type of hair fall as Telogen Effluvium. The hair loss happens more than normal, but the loss cedes when the body resumes its healthy state.
Usually the hairfall in routine happens due to multiple reasons i.e. stress, scalp infection, genetic variations, and drug-related. In some cases the hair follicles regenerate while in case of genetic variations and drug-related loss the chances of follicle regeneration is less.
However, when we consider the hair loss in Corona, the state is totally different. The lost follicles regrow if the patient consumes a healthy and protein rich diet.

How hairfall in corona is different from other types of hair losses

Hairfall in COVID is totally different from the routine hair loss. It can be understood by getting familiar with the changes going in a covid infected body. The covid patient develops fever due to immune response. The high temperature in the body affects the protein available in the hair (amino acids) present in hair causing shedding in large proportions. The sudden rise in hair fall becomes a concern and people actively start looking for strategic options.
However, the hair loss due to COVID is not the subject of so much concern because the hair growth resumes to the normal state when the body starts recovering from the infection. No time scale about the hair growth could be prophesied as it entirely depends upon the individual immunity and metabolism.

What to do : Clinical support & Home Remedies to fix Covid related hair loss

To stop hair loss due to COVID there are a couple of ways. One way talks about the medical consultation which may include a prescription having few immune supplements, health supplements and certain dietary changes.
While the other route talks about home remedies such as having a sound sleep, suggesting not to skip breakfast, adding a high protein diet to the meal supplemented with clarified butter. Having such a meal for at least a good period will definitely replace the losses in the body caused due to COVID.