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Ayurvedic Treatment of Alopecia Areata & Hair Loss

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Hairs are the most precious to everyone. It adds charm to your personality and gives you different styles that suit your personality and unleashes your better look. When you get a compliment for your new hairstyle, you often thank the lovely hairs and give them a gentle tap over your head or maybe you have a habit to look the mirror and tease others to have such glossy hair.

The hair requires high maintenance and if you are one of the kinds who does not bother to care them, then a day is no distant when your scalp would be devoid of a single hair—simply your will be bald. Your hairs must be supplemented with natural oil, they must be washed and at times they need trichologist to get them back into healthy condition.

The care for hair may not always depend on you. There are certain situations where even the utmost care of hair may even lead to hair loss. Simply, it is not your negligence, but there are some metabolic defects that cause extensive hair loss. It could be genetic, environmental, medicinal reactions or metabolic disorder. You must immediately seek medical attention before it gets too late. Check our before-and-after hair loss treatment results

Care for Hair – It’s Now or Never

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You would have heard such a sentence. Right? Yes, it happens when your hairline starts receding and the scalp appears out of the thin line of hairs. Here we can assume two issues: Primarily, the patient could be suffering from severe hair loss due to which the scalp starts appearing and secondly, the patient is suffering from scalp related disorder which is resulting into hair loss. In both cases, it is initially necessary to identify the issue and the reasons that are causing serious trouble.

Most of the times due to malnourishment, the hair roots don’t receive nutrients and their strength starts retarding leading to severe hair loss. In other cases, the scalp gets disordered due to some ailment leading to hair loss. In both scenarios, hairs get affected. Therefore, the sole focus must be on hair recovery and scalp rejuvenation.

Trichologists identify sudden hair loss as the situation of Alopecia. It is the condition when the scalp loses the hair roots and random hair fall starts. There are various types of alopecia i.e. Areata, Totalis and Universalis and all the types severely affect the person. Sometimes acute depression is also the unseen result of it.

Rejuvenating Hair Line to bring back Smiles

To bring the lost hair it is better to visit trichologist as early possible because once the hair follicle starts filling with dirt particles they get block and any chance of follicle rejuvenation is lost. Once the trichologists perform tests, they start medication. For instance, the allopath doctor may start immunosuppressant as the see Alopecia as the condition of auto-immune disorder. This could affect your immune system severely. While other doctors convince you to initiate other invasive procedures like hair implant, but its life is even too short to say.

Finally, herbal treatment is expected as the best solution for the alopecia. The treatment entails application of herbal extracts, ointments and internal metabolism control through the balance of pitta and vayu. There are several plants which are beneficial for the treatment of hair loss and they are competent enough to recover the hair loss and reintegrate the affected scalp.

However, the matter of prime importance is the continuity of Ayurveda medication and patience as the medication takes some time to show its effect. Once the metabolism sets itself in a natural way and pitta dosha gets fixed, the hair follicles start getting better. Diet intake also plays a witty role. The Alopecia patient must take high proteinaceous diet along with Zinc, Selenium and copper-rich diets that may include seafood. The patient must initially prohibit itself from going directly into a harsh environment and must be protected against dust and other environmental pollution.

At Alopecia Hair Treatment Centre, we monitor each patient and even keep follow-up to know the post-treatment condition of the patient. To witness our treatment, visit us at our clinic and be the witness of the perfect hair care.

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