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Alopecia Areata Causes

Let know the Alopecia Areata before you get it treated

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So far, Alopecia Areata was known as an autoimmune disease where the patient was required to undergo the treatment of immunosuppressants. The immunosuppressants actively work suppressing the defense system of the body and making the chances of foreign invasion higher. This system of working of immunosuppressants one way treats the disorder, but another way round it destroys the human body by discouraging the immune system.

Apart from classifying Areta into autoimmune disorders, some trichologists consider it the scalp infection that leads to severe hair loss. The source of infection could be a biological agent like a bacterial infection, protozoan infection or fungal infection, which is quite common these days. However, some scientists believe that Areata has some connection with genetics.

Genetics or say, the gene expression in our body plays a vital role in protein formation. According to genetics, protein formation initiates with the expression of the relevant genes under gene translation through RNA polymerase. As the translation carries out, the amino acids are formed as the end products, which assemble through peptide chains to code proteins. Our hairs are composed of the keratin protein that does not contain veins for the blood flow, but the structure is such that when observed under a microscope, it appears as rough that gives strength to the hair.

When the hairline starts receding, the hair follicles become frail and cannot hold hair anymore. This signifies a weakening of the hair protein—keratin which directly makes the gene expression accountable. The patient undergoes gene therapy in such cases which are not so successful and are often not advised by trichologists.

The cases where Arearte is treated as an autoimmune disorder, immunosuppressants are imposed as prescriptions. These medications lower the immune system of the body causing them to be weak and making them liable for the other immune-related infections.

Alopecia Areata, when treated as the disease of the biological origin, is observed as a different case. The treatment is carried based on identification and diagnosis. The treatment may contain biotic suppressants along with certain supplements that contain hair nutrients.

Alopecia Treatment at Alopecia Hair Treatment Center

We treat Alopecia differently. We calm our patients. We listen to them. We evolve them from self-guilt. We aspire them to move and make themselves and yes we bring their crown back.

We treat Alopecia through natural means—Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a branch of medical sciences in which the ailment’s existence is due to an imbalance of natural forces in our body. Once balanced, the body restores its natural condition.

We hear our patients and initiate with a basic scalp treatment that includes scalp nourishment, hair follicle rejuvenation, microscopic monitoring for continuous hair growth and psychological monitoring as some patients arrive at the clinic in a devastating condition.

We make our commitments come true. Let us serve you even much better. Visit our clinic and witness some of the life-changing scenarios that may shed some light in your essence too without any second thought.

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