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Dr. Vivek you are my hero. Thanks for the amazing transformation you are bringing to peoples' lives.
Dear readers. I could not stop myself to write this testimonial because I am indebted to Dr. Vivek Giri for the transformation he brought in my life. My name is Joseph Peter and I am currently working at Noida in an MNC, due to the stressful lifestyle we lead at our workplaces. Poor discipline leads us to irregular eating habits and disturbed sleep, due to this unhealthy lifestyle I started losing my hair intensely.

I was so disturbed by this that I could not stop running from pillar to post to seek a solution to this problem. In this process I met a lot of doctors with proclamations that they had the solution for my problem and that my hair will become as amazing as before. I met dermatologists thinking that it was a skin condition which lead to the hair fall. They advised several hair steroids which gave instant results but in due course of time my condition went from bad to worse.

I then resorted to homeopathic doctors but the expected results were delayed and I feared complete baldness by then.

At this juncture while I had given up on all hopes and wasted considerable amount of money meeting all these doctors, a close friend of mine, Arun, who was into professional modelling and who had faced a similar concern in the past suggested that I meet Dr. Vivek Giri. He had got treated by Dr. Giri and witnessed amazing results. Since I was so disappointed with doctors I did not pay any heed to what Arun had suggested. This delay eventually got me close to the brim of losing hair permanently. I just needed a jolt to strike me to try for that one last time, it finally came when I went for a shower and saw my hair falling intensely and I was so shaken from within of the fear of being bald permanently that I could not stop myself to pay a visit to Dr. Vivek as suggested by my friend Arun.

When I met Dr. Vivek and he saw my scalp he assured me that I met him just in time and that I shall have 100% recovery. Although this sounded very promising but I got to admit that this was not the first time I had heard this statement so I still had to wait for the results to follow.

I still remember Dr. Giri telling me after a few weeks of treatment that Joseph it could not get any worse than this and from here on only good is to follow. I took that word so strongly and there was no looking back.

After a year of treatment at Dr. Giri's clinic you can for yourself witness from the pictures I clicked and attached with this testimonial that how happy I am with the visible changes that came along in my life. I am indebted for life to Dr. Vivek Giri. He was my ray of hope when darkness completely took over. Dr. Vivek you are my hero. Thanks for the amazing transformation you are bringing to peoples' lives.

Friends I will like to encourage you to meet Dr. Giri once, even if you have tried all the possible options around, I assure you that you are not going to be disappointed.

  • Joseph Peter

A miracle has happened with my daughter
A miracle has happened with my daughter. Bringing back normal hairs from Alopecia Universalises like impossible for many doctors but I sincerely appreciate the treatment of Dr. Vivek Giri. Pls read the success story related to my daughter below:

My daughter at the age of 4, had suffered acute alopecia universalises. Initially, we started allopath treatment with renowned doctor in Delhi and even later went to AIIMS. Situation actually not improved rather it started with patchy alopecia became totalis and finally became universalities. My daughter had lost entire hair from complete body including eyelids, eyelashes, hands and legs everywhere.

But, I had determined that I will not give steroid to my 4.5 years old daughter. Then I started searching for herbal treatment. I found two three options. Dr. Vivek was the nearest option. I took a chance and started treatment with him. I was not having anything to loose. However, I was patient enough to wait for the results. In three months of treatment, we suddenly seen that head is shining with very small hairs which we could not see through room light. Now, we were confident that some miracle has happened and now we were confident that my daughter will get cured here only. Very good part of Dr Vivek that they also suggest natural diet which had actually boosted the immune system of my daughter. Finally, after almost 2.5 years of treatment (where every week I visited doctor) my daughter had got long hairs similar to any other girl.

For me, my daughter is my life and I got my life and happiness in my life back only because of Dr. Vivek Giri. I am sincerely thankful for his efforts and his treatment.

For the benefit of all the readers, I must tell them that please have faith in him and please follow his dietary in structure sincerely. I am sure you will get 100% results. Pls have patience and have faith.

I thought I must share this for the benefit of people who are suffering from Alopecia.

  • Ajay Kumar, Chartered Accountant

Giving us all a new Life
My son when he was 10 years old (in 2010) started losing his hair. There were many patches on his scalp. We had tried treatments at many places, but got no relief. During these treatments (about 1 year 10 months), he lost his hair completely, even on eyebrows and eyelid. We were in a state of complete shock and anxiety. In September 2012, I came to know about Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre through one of my close friend.

We showed him to Dr. Vivek Giri. His detailed approach put us at ease and we were satisfied that we were in the right hands. He not only treated our son but also dealt with our anxiety extremely well. My son is now doing extremely well and we have Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre to thank for saving him from this disease and in a way, giving us all a new life. I wish Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre's great success so that many more patients like my son can be helped.

  • Rajeev Saxena
    Ghaziabad India

I'm very grateful and thankful to Dr. Vivek Giri
I'm Prakash, I was really worried, when I got Alopecia patches for first time. It was so stressful to see few bald patches on head, and then I started browse on internet n found "Alopecia herbal treatment centre". I'm very grateful and thankful to Dr.Vivek Giri for his herbal treatment to regrow my hairs n complete solution for all my hair problems. It works 100% for sure.

  • Prakash
    New Delhi

Our Experience with your Alopecia Herbal Treatment Center
Dear Dr Vivek,
We are very thankful to you that you have successfully treated Alopecia Areata. What we have learned is that your herbal treatment is 100% effective in curing the problem, provided the patient shows patience, be regular in application of your herbs & heeds to your advice regarding diet.

We were fortunate that instead of spending years like some of your other patients, in allopathic & homeopathic treatment, we got to know about Allopecia herbal treatment with no side effects, after spending just around 2 months in allopathic.

In our case your prediction that results will be visible after 4 months was spot on, & after 10 months it was fully cured.


  • Himanshu Singhal

Can't thank enough
Our family wishes to express, our heartfelt appreciation and is thankful to Dr. Giri, in helping us during the most difficult time of ours. When we first came to you 2 years back, after consulting so many doctors we had lost hope, but you made sure that we believed Alopecia is completely curable and anyone can lead a normal life without embarrassment.

And now we truly believe in you. We would definitely recommend others who are facing the same problem to come to you and be benefitted.

We really can't thank you enough for efforts.

  • Mr and Mrs Sidharatha

Natural herbs to treat your hair
The reason I had chosen Alopecia herbal centre is that Dr. Vivek uses natural herbs to treat your hair. You are not required to consume any medicine, which eliminates the risk of any side effects such as impotency/others.

I have immensely benefitted from the treatment. Dr. Vivek worked to increase the strength of hair roots through application of natural herbs and healthy diet.

Thanks & Regards,

  • Nishant Kumar

Thanks Dr.Vivek
My daughter had a problem of Alopecia Areata (patchy). When I came to know about this problem immediately I took her to Dermatologist who prescribed my daughter with steroid injection but instead of getting better the patches were increased. Then I came to know from my friend about Dr. Vivek Giri. I contacted him and he assured me that this problem will be cured within 6 to 8 months but I was surprised to see that just in 3 months' treatment the hair had grown back in the patchy areas and by the end of the 8 months' treatment all patches were filled with hair.

I am very thankful to Dr. Vivek Giri. May God bless him.

  • Kalpana Rawat

I am grateful to you for the amazing cure.
Dear Dr. Giri,
I am grateful to you for the amazing cure. I have been suffering from excessive dandruff for last few years which resulted in excessive hair loss.

I consulted many Dermatologist who recommended shampoos and treatments, none of which actually worked.

At last I was referred by a friend who is an ex patient of yours to seek your advice.

When I came to your clinic I wasn't confident that a naturopathic treatment would actually work. However to my surprise it did work for me and gave me tremendous results which helped me not only get rid of irritation due to dandruff but also hair regrowth which I thought wouldn't happen.

I am also thankful to you for showing me importance of having a balanced diet because it plays a major role in treating hair problems. At last but not the least the confidence you installed in me that the treatment would really work wonders and I should follow the discipline of taking the therapy on time.

Today I have reached a stage where no own can say that I had hair problem ever.

Thank you Dr.Giri for the all the support and patience you showed during past 8-9 months.

  • Kanishk Gaur

Thank you sir you make my life smarter and confident.
Hello friends,
I am Raman upadhyay 25 year old from Delhi. I am very thankful to Dr Vivek Giri and alopecia herbal treatment who give me naturopathy treatment for my genetic alopecia male pattern baldness .I am taking this treatment last 3 year and I got magical improvement in my hair. The best thing of this treatment is 100% natural and herbal 0% side effect.

This treatment is gives you healthy, shiny, thick naturally black hair and cure your hair problem. Another benefit of this treatment it is cost effective as well. Even though I have taken many allopathic and homeopathic treatment in past. There I got no result and I spent much amount but now I would not like to go anywhere because i am happy with naturopathy herbal treatment and Dr Vivek .

Thank you sir you make my life smarter and confident.

  • Raman

I owe you big time!!
Thank you so much for extending your help and providing the best treatment for my hair fall alopecia disease. I lost all hope of recovery after visiting multiple renowned skin specialists of Noida and Delhi who tried multiple treatments but none of those had any positive impact. Finally God landed me in right hands who helped me not only stop the progressive hair fall but also recover it to its pre-disease state in a matter of 1 year.

The kind of balance of science and good medicine with a thorough understanding of herbal remedies you posses are unparalleled. Since the day i started taking treatment, you inspired confidence with a complete absence of ego or professional arrogance.

I recommend you to everyone who is going through this painful state.

Wish you tons of happiness in life for all the smiles you are bringing on your patients face :)

  • Amit

I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Vivek Giri for his efforts towards finding a cure for alopecia
Doctor Vivek Giri came to my life as a life saver when I had given up all hope on allopathic and homeopathic treatment including steroids for my alopecia areata I was suffering from 4 years and which was spreading widely.

Not only he treated my alopecia with tropical treatment of his nature made herbal medicines but he also guided me on to bringing positive changes in my life which would make me stress free and shared a detailed diet program to be followed. All this ultimately resulted in curing my alopecia 100%. Also not to forget, his treatment is very economical as compared to what I have spent over the years in big hospitals following up with dermatologists and immunologists in all metro cities.

When I had first met Dr. Vivek Giri he told me not to expect miracle overnight and to keep patience. He made me meet his current patients and the ones who were cured for direct testimony. He told that since each individual is different hence the treatment also takes different time span for curing depending upon our life style and diet and most importantly religiously following his treatment. Dr. Vivek has always made a sincere effort towards his patient's treatment.

I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Vivek Giri for his efforts towards finding a cure for alopecia.

I wish he could reach out to all those people suffering from alopecia and they could also be cured.

  • Shipra

Great Clinic and great Treatment
Great Clinic and great treatment.Dr.Giri is the best doctor a person could ask for, he guides you through the whole treatment process and personally takes care that his patients recover, I would definitely recommend him and his therapy.

  • PrthviRaj Singh

You are really doing a fantastic and miraculous job in herbal therapy
Hi Sir,
This is Raj, met you 04 years back (April 2011) for my alopecia areata case.

Want to thank you for curing me with your herbal treatment. It is more than 03 years now since I fully cured. You are really doing a fantastic and miraculous job in herbal therapy.

I again thanks for the time you spent on me for the treatment.

  • Raj

Thank You Dr. Giri.
Dear Dr. Giri,
I was very upset before 12 months (In July 2014) when I was losing approx 50-60 hair every day.

One day one of my friend said that he can clearly see a patch on my head. I was thinking too for hair transplant, but I could not afford to have that costly and painful procedure. Mr. Shashank recommended me to meet Dr. Vivek Giri, After 1 year today I am extremely happy with the results. In fact it has changed my life. Within first 2 months my hair fall was completely stopped and new hairs were taking place on my bald head. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for hair transplantation please meets him; I can bet you will not go anywhere else.

Thank You Dr. Giri.

  • Sunny Gupta

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the miracle
Dr. Giri, with this note, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the miracle. When I approached you with my hair fall problem, I almost lost all my hopes and was sure that I'd lose all my hairs and started to imagine myself, as to how I'd look, when I go complete bald. Once again, for your words of encouragement and I must admit that you proved, what you vouched for. Today, with amazing hair growth, it's not only the hair bounce, but I do feel a bounce in my confidence with shiner looking hair growth. I once again thank you for timely and amazing treatment and I recommend you highly to the entire fellow patient, who is going thru the bad phase of loosing hair, I've been through.

  • Bhupender

I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Vivek Giri
Sir, I was a patient of Alopecia Areata since long. I tried my best to get me cured from many reputed Medicare's here & there; but all efforts were in vain. Suddenly, one of my well known told me about Dr. Vivek Giri, who is providing treatment to Alopecia patients. I further got it confirmed through internet and visited his Clinic.

Thereafter, I started getting treatment from Dr. Vivek Giri and continued it as per his advice for a longer time. Though, I got excellent results due to his treatment immediately within 3 weeks. Thereafter, I was so fascinated & enthusiastic on having got my all lost hair gradually. Dr. Vivek Giri is really providing amazing treatment of Alopecia Areata and also deals with other health issues very carefully & dedicatedly. I wish him all the success in life.

I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Vivek Giri Alopecia Clinic.

  • Jyoti, National Disaster Management Authority
    New Delhi - 110 029

Thanks for good counselling and support
I am a satisfied customer of Alopecia Herbal Treatment Centre.

Alopecia is a disease which is very difficult to deal with. It needs good counselling and support.

Dr. Vivek's confidence in his research in treating alopecia with herbs provided both comfort and strength. He treated my beard patches with patience and sincerity, which is now cured completely. I recommend the centre to anyone suffering from Alopecia. My best wishes.

  • Honey Gupta

I would gladly like to recommend him to anybody suffering from alopecia.
I have been regularly visiting Dr. Giri for last two years and I would glad like to recommend him, to anybody suffering from alopecia. I have been cured almost 95%. I had alopecia universalis since I was 5 years old (I am 28 now). I had tried various medicines ranging from Ayurveda to Allopathic to Homeopathy to Vaids. But I was not able to get a persistent solution to my problem. I will recommend everybody to be regular, patient and keep healthy food habits. May you all recover soon. If you need to talk to me, please ask Dr. Giri to share my contact details.

  • Arya Sharma

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